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Recruitment and HR Consulting Services: practical people management solutions to keep your business at peak performance.

Advice, action and intervention when you need it, at a price you can afford. We will be your strategic partner, helping you to manage the challenges that arise from employment relationships.

For recruitment, selection, performance management and compliance with workplace laws, our objective is to provide you with the tools, techniques and advice that will keep your business on track for profit and productivity.

People and Performance

The success of your business depends on effective management of people:

  • Finding and attracting individuals with the skills, attitudes and values to make a contribution
  • Evaluating their attributes to select only those with the best fit for the role
  • Onboarding and settling new employees into rewarding working relationships
  • Guiding, motivating and encouraging people to give their best
  • Disciplining and counselling when things go off track
  • Measuring productivity and performance
  • Recognizing and rewarding output and results

We will support and guide you and your teams over the hurdles of hiring, induction, managing, motivating and controlling your workforce to build capacity and output while ensuring that you satisfy legal requirements.

Just one phone call or email guarantees you an obligation-free discussion /consultation – face to face or by phone – to discuss your needs.

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